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Everything that was accomplished under President Trump along the border is getting reversed by Biden. It is horrible. We were dealing blows to illegal immigration, drug runners, coyotes, and finally securing our border on the South. Listen, we are a Nation of Immigrants, but of immigrants that came here legally. We have always had challenges with how people come to America, but we can not just ignore the problem – let’s fix the problem. Our borders need to be secured because without a border, we are not a country.

We do more background checks to own a gun, versus immigrating here.

In the U.S. Senate, I would propose a brand new easy-to-follow set of requirements to immigrate here, then another easy to follow set of requirements to show a clear pathway to citizenship. 

We have freedoms, guaranteed in the Constitution, that shall not be infringed. Let me state that again, freedom’s guaranteed not maybe, it is a right. I very much support our right to bear arms, freedom of speech, right to assemble, heck I even agree with the freedom of the press, I may not agree with what they say, but I respect their right to say it. Do they respect ours?

Tyranny creeps in when our liberties get eroded. We are sliding down the hill right now and we have to protect our rights at all costs. The culprits are in the White House, they are in the Senate. We need to remove them!

Peace through strength is what Reagan said, and it holds true today. We must stay strong against our enemies and perceived enemies such as China, Russia, Iran, and many others.

I served in Iraq and still have friends there who I can trust. We do need some military reforms that will make us safer in the future. When I volunteered to serve it was out of duty to my country, but a lot has changed since then. We need to compete for young people to join the military again.

President Trump’s policies on China, Iran, North Korea and more were working. Our economic power in the world is just as important as our military power, they go hand in hand.

My mother had me when she was just 14, so I really do believe in the right to life. Life begins at conception. In full alignment with that, I don’t believe that taxpayer money should go to subsidize abortions in our country. I look forward to working with the national and state organizations to push right to life policies forward. I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves!

Government should not be able to just shut down businesses and the economy within the United States without reasonable cause. A free capitalistic economy is what this country was built on, and I intend to vote for legislation that only adds to that idea. There is a strong push from Democrats against family-owned businesses. They have embraced the wall street elite. Small businesses are the backbone of America.

I have been privileged enough to serve on the Prineville City Council for over 10 years now, both as councilor and now mayor. During my tenure, we have been able to attract huge companies and some smaller companies to Prineville, watch our local economy grow, and increase our tax base to provide services for the community.

To help economies grow, incentives work. Not more government control. I will take this same approach in moving aside and letting businesses thrive. It is a proven economic development approach.

I will promote our American companies and help them be successful both at home and abroad and give them an incentive to do business here in the US, and hopefully in Oregon as well. Oregon is well positioned for the future, but unless we have leadership that is focused on jobs and the economy versus raising taxes and forcing companies to move their money off shore like Senator Wyden we will not be successful.

Responsibility to reopen economy:

  • Bring back our manufacturing and production jobs from oversees to include medical supplies, textiles, and rare earth minerals.
  • Reduce overregulation of business.
  • Pro-growth tax policy that will enable private sector business to thrive.
  • Strong and vibrant energy policy that will include green energy. We need to to be striving on all fronts, including the reintroduction of Nuclear Energy to our grids.
  • Invest in new highways, bridges, dams, electric grids, and other infrastructure to help our companies move the goods and services.
Very simple, we spend too much money. The trillions that Biden is proposing is out of control. The amount of pet projects that gets dumped into this spending bills are atrocious. We can’t put all the debt (and associated taxes) on the back of our grandkids.

We need a real energy policy. We need to use natural gas, oil, woody biomass, wind, hydro, solar and more to have a robust economy. I will also support micro grids so cities can be more self-reliant, versus dependent on a large grid that can fail with much greater consequences.

We have an abundance of natural resources in America. If used responsibly, it can be a great source of energy as well as jobs for Americans. Wyden, and the Democrats would rather see our natural resources locked up in wildernesses so it can burn every summer.


Jason Beebe

For too long, Oregon has had to deal with Ron Wyden. Oregon has changed and grown and all Ron Wyden has done is move to New York City and say he “lives” in Oregon.

I was born here in Oregon, I left and fought for my country in Iraq. When I came back home to Prineville ten years ago, I immediately knew my community needed me. I ran for city council and am now Mayor of my hometown. My state needs a warrior and my country needs a patriot in Washington D.C. – what we don’t need is 6 more years of Ron Wyden.

The battle for the future of our republic has to start from the ballot box. We have real problems that President Biden is making worse, the only way to fix that is in Congress. What if, Oregon surprised the country and we reject the extreme leftist policy of Ron Wyden for a patriot, a warrior, a true neighbor?

We need to send someone through the primary that can give Wyden a real fight. We need someone that will bring true values that every American and every Oregonian shares – Well should share.

Border security, strong national defense, pro-life, 2nd amendment rights and strong protection for our liberty, and a government that needs to get the hell out of the way versus shutting down our economies locally and nationally.

Republican like me or not, if you believe in those values, I am the right candidate for you

Beebe for U.S. Senate
endorsed by...

Giovanini Trucking

Mike Pihl

Jay Browning

"Finally a true hero to lead Oregon back to a Senate that works for Oregon not self interests. Someone I can be proud to support."
Mark F. Gomolski
Hermiston, Oregon
"Its time to take Central Oregons values to DC. He will work for Oregonians not a political party."
Pete Buffington
Abiqua Wind Vineyard, Scott Mills
"Time for Oregonians to get back to their roots and put an end to politics as usual!"
Richard Ackerman
Statyton, Oregon
"Oregon has gone virtually unrepresented for to long. The supermajority in our state government is “ruling” not governing the citizens of this state. It is time for the citizens of the rest of the state to step up and support a patriot. Urban Oregon only supports the urban areas the rest of Oregon is not represented. Oregon needs balance."
Bobbie D. Owens
St. Helens
"I give full support in electing Jason Beebe as our next Senator!!!"
Bruce T. Rodgers
Medford, Oregon
"I endorse Jason Beebe for Oregon Senate. It's time to release Oregon from the shackles of the Democrat party. Wyden had years to improve Oregon. Look what's left. I support Jason Beebe. It's time for change."
Julie Rayner
Tigard, Oregon
"Jason’s selfless service and dedication to upholding the principles expressed in our constitution make him an ideal candidate to serve the great people of Oregon. I am proud to have served with him both overseas and most recently on city government. I have no doubt he will fight for all Oregonians and ensure our constitutional rights will not be infringed on."
Ray Law
City of Prineville Councilor
"I totally support Jason Beebe for the Senate."
Dianne Lanus
Cornelius, Oregon
Jesse Browning
Reality Show Star, Ax Men - Season 1-3
Britni Green
Owner, Valor H LLC, Oregon
Stan & Andrea Beebe
Business Owners & Family
Jan & Marty Howard
Owners, Outwestt Insurance, Oregon
Brett Goodman
Telecom Engineer
Adria Keys
Owner, Valor H LLC, Oregon
Mike Courtney
Retired, The Dalles, Oregon
Patsy Klink
Bend, Oregon

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